Welcome to Ravenna!

Main Street Ravenna received 30 muralist portfolios from their call to artists earlier this year.
We then had our design committee review our submissions and choose our top three artists. F
rom there, we contacted the top three and asked for location designs they believed would be best suited.
We reached out to a selection committee of local representation throughout Ravenna and had them review and choose our top design choice.
The selection committee and the design committee decided unanimously to choose Lisa Quine as our artist. Lisa is a professional muralist local to our area. She has done over 100 murals in 6 states and 2 countries. Most recently, she finished a mural for Cleveland at 8004 Lorain Avenue.
Lisa’s design was chosen for the vibrancy and eye-catching artwork. She incorporated a Raven as a nod to the local district mascot. Design sketch began 10/17 in the evening and paint began to flow the very next morning.
Main Street Ravenna was excited to see this project come together through many great partnerships and assistance. They appreciate the help and willingness of the Salvation Army for their parking lot space and the Megan’s Restaurant building and owner that helped make this dream come to light.
The mural was made possible by many community donations and grant funding through the Portage Foundation. Main Street Ravenna hopes that this is the start of more bright and wonderful artwork to come and welcome you into downtown Ravenna!