The Downtown District Plan is a 4-part project focused broadly on the potential of landscape and public space to shape the character, function, and quality of Ravenna’s Historic Downtown District.  If you’ve been following this project, we believe we have caught the imagination of our stakeholders of the potential of downtown Ravenna.   Jason Kentner, Implement Design Principal and RHS Class of 1994 Alum did an outstanding job of bringing together a project that reflects the interests and efforts of community members, business owners, and civic leaders in what we believe to be a window that has been opened that identifies ideas and concepts to improve the downtown.  These concepts will ultimately have to be prioritized and fully developed through the design process that will consider all perspectives while balancing all resources involved.  Our hope is to see accomplished some “easy” projects sooner than later to kick-start the momentum which was stalled due to the pandemic in 2020.

This project and its conceptual designs will help to revitalize the face of our community, creating a more welcoming sense of place, showcasing the character, function, and community of Ravenna.  Take a look at the 35-page abridged report HERE.

Please contact Main Street Ravenna for more information.