See Where the Mile Takes You!

The Main Street Mile is a one-mile loop that runs the length of Main Street. Use the crosswalks to complete the loop from Clinton Street to Sycamore Street. It’s an easy and safe way to take in all the historic and unique details that make up this one-of-a-kind small town.

Why Walk the Mile?

The mile takes approximately 20 minutes. That’s it! Whether you’re taking an after-dinner stroll, a lunch break refresher, or just getting in your steps, you’re guaranteed to finish your Main Street Mile with a change in perspective.

What Can I Expect to See?

The City of Ravenna was founded in 1799, so let your mind wander throughout time as you walk the Mile. Main Street boasts beautiful architectural styles that showcase life throughout the years. Modern and historical pieces of the city blend, creating a melting pot of small-town charm. Find different cuisines, savory and sweet, retail essentials, unique gifts, and specialty services during your walk. Let the Mile take you on a journey, clear your mind, give you inspiration, and unveil hidden gems of Ravenna.

Businesses Along the Mile

The Main Street Mile is home to many businesses, local and global, that are happy to serve you. The exciting part of shopping small town is that the owner(s) are often right there, ready to help or make a new friend. How quaint and wonderful is that?! Whatever you’re seeking, or maybe you’re just going with the flow, the Main Street Mile offers ‘hidden’ gems that you may not have noticed before.

Adventures Beyond the Mile

Many adventures extend beyond the limits of the Main Street Mile. As they say, “new roads lead to new opportunities,” so get to exploring! Travel off the beaten path to find something new, whether it be a business, a historic house, or just something you think is interesting. It’s your journey to discover the things that interest you and bring joy to your day. We’re just here to lend a helping hand. . .

Pro Tip!

Enjoy the architectural delights of the Ravenna ‘Historic District’ that runs along Main Street. Travel east to view historic residential architecture that will have you daydreaming!

Big Changes Take Small Steps

The Main Street Mile is more than just a way to help encourage people to walk. It’s a multi-faceted experience with different meanings for different people. It is a way for people to experience nostalgic beauty, a curated walk, time to yourself, time to think, a mile to gain new perspectives.


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