Welcome to Vibe 106 – the 106th Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area in Ohio!

  • A DORA is a specifically designated area that allows patrons over the age of 21 to purchase alcoholic beverages in a DORA cup, from a permitted establishment and carry them within a clearly defined area within the city. 
  • Established in 2017 by Section 4301.82 of the Ohio Revised Code, It provides an exemption from the Open Container Law; under the statute, a person who purchases beer or an intoxicating liquor from the holder of a permit with a DORA designation is permitted to have that beverage in an open container at any outdoor location within the DORA.  
  • 3 of our Local Establishments offer DORA drinks for purchase.
    • Cimmaron Lounge
    • West Main Winery, Brewery & Cider
    • Tavern 1888
  • You cannot enter one of the 3 establishments with a beverage from another.
  • Drinks must be finished or thrown out before entering the other establishment.
  • Each Establishment will provide a SPECIFIC cup for DORA & a wristband with participation
  • Hours of DORA operation are Noon – 11pm Daily
  • Boundary signs will be placed at each boundary within the area (see map below).
  • You cannot exit the DORA boundaries with a DORA beverage.
  • Each business & building within the boundaries will have a decal on their window or do. GREEN for DORA beverages allowed within, RED for DORA drinks are not allowed within. Business owners have their discretion of choice of the DORA drinks.

Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area – City of Ravenna, Ohio (ravennaoh.gov)

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